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Draco McWherter

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The Elf LIVES!

Sat Oct 4, 2014, 9:47 PM

So.....its been a long time since I've wrote a journal hasn't it....holy crap. Yup over a year....almost a year and a half...

So this is probably going to be just like me spewing words onto the paper...or in this case, keyboard from my head hole so forgive me for random ramblings. Here we go.

Small updates as far as what I've been up to....might seem like a creepy thing but I've been hanging out in cemeteries quite a bit more...which is very apparent due to most of my recent photography shots. But yeah. I do apologize if the overload of graves and creepy and or abandoned locations bug you. I've come to realize with my anxiety issues, these locations and photography in general actually help lower the anxiety and calms me down quite a bit. So........I'm going to keep spamming...per gallery with these types of sorry.......

.......not really.

In other news I've been doodling a lot more as you might be able to see my brain puke... in traditional folder area place. For a long long while now, I've been having to fight my lack of drive in art in general. Which in many ways is really sad. Art is one thing that brings me joy but in the time I've had to fight, the joy for it had completely vanished and it wound up simply being work. It was also why my work was so sporadic for the last couple of years...with the possible chance of a good dose of depression helping it a long. Well, the reason why I mentioned the doodles before, in that time, doodles didn't the fact that I've been able to do so, not worry about perfection, and just enjoy myself drawing is a great sign. I've been much happier and at peace with myself. I've also noticed that I've been much more productive and actually wanting to do more art and share it instead of just destroying it soon after starting. To put things short, since I've rambled on long enough, the elf is FINALLY recovering from what ever was keeping me down whether anxiety or depression...or both? I dunno. Emotions are a difficult thing for me to understand well. D: Emotions are hard!

Moving on from the simi-emo section.... >.>

I've been working on a comic project as of recently! And I'll give a small preview right....... here.
Img 20141001 130901 819 by Draco-McWherter

So yeah. That's all I'm givin' cause there's a lot of more work to go on this and I need to poke :iconswanofwar: to write more here soon. Hear that Swan!? It won't take me that long to finish the last bits at the rate I'm going! Need next few pages of script to keep up my groove! :D If you've not realized yet, :iconswanofwar: and I are working together on this project. She be writing the story and I be the doodler doing the doodely visual stuffs. woot!

Other projects I've been working on. I've gotten into jewelry and leather work once again as well. I'm currently working on a gun holster for a client and well the jewelry, some of it is up on my account and many pieces are for sale! Most of them are fairy tale and or steampunk themed.

Been also thinking about switching up my Deviantart theme.....maybe more of a warm fall themed color? I dunno. I'll play around with it later. Yup. maybe brown and orange stuffs. It'll be fun. :D

So then what else to talk about....hmm.....not really sure. I've pretty much said everything that I needed to say without being too mooshy or durp about it.


 So....I'm going to share a few other peeps that I think need more recognition for what they do cause, yeah. Give them lurvs!

The golden mirror Chapter 1
I awaken to the sound of birds chirping and wind chimes as the scent of wild garlic and fresh ginger fill my room.  I get out of my canopy bed and spread my giant fairy wings, which are red like my mothers.They walk over to the mirror and admiring my Ivory skin and brunette hair. I go to the closet to pick out a gown and strip from my night gown and, I pick a light pink gown with a golden embroidery around the waist. My room is white besides a small golden chandelier and a gold desk with a mirror. I grab a small pink umbrella and keeping it closed,  I walk into the hall. The walls in the hall are the quaint color of fresh avocado flesh. At the end of the hall is a small brown desk with a vase of ferns put there by my mother before she died, Just above the vase is large round mirror. The outer frame of the mirror has tiny golden shells to remind us of how much my mother loved the sea, I stride forward, we used to live in a cottage by the sea until she married prince

This young writer is starting out and would love to have her work read. Be sure to leave comments and or critiques to encourage and help her grow as a writer. :D

Dragon Ball Z: A Good Man - 1
      She showed nothing as she saw him, only contained, pleasant joy and excitement.  She cried when she hugged her son, but for the husband who’d been torn from her, she gave but a smile, a wink, and a raise of her thumb – even though inside her heart was melting.  He had been dead, and now he was alive.  He had been lost, and now he was found.
      But such was the marriage of Bulma Brief and Prince Vegeta – so mild, so silent.  He was a man of amazing talent, but a hard, unreachable man who she had come to accept she could never truly be close to.  She watched her beautiful, violet haired son hold his father’s hand and her many friends celebrate victory and life.  That was the most she had expected out of this moment.
      She drifted back from the chatting, giving Goku and Trunks many hugs.  That was when she suddenly felt his hand grab hers from behind.  She turned aroun

Swan is a seasoned writer and this one is of her recent works. I highly recommend, if you are a DBZ fan, check her work out! Its wondrous.

Swan by etsky
If you like photography, go check out etsky's work. We have been taking photographs together a few times so some of our stuff is from the same locations, but yeah! They be awesome!

Dragon and Celtic Cross by MKCrook
MK has quite a large variety of different artworks. Her work is fascinating and quite eye catching with it ranging from tattoo work to panting and photography. 

So yeah. Those are the peeps I'm promoting this round! They all deserve more love than they have been getting for their hard work and those pieces that I posted below their names is just one example.

Thank you for those who have read my journal, I know its rather long but hey. First one in over a year, I had a fair amount to plop on the page.

Good day to you all!

  • Listening to: Cry and friends shooting shiz while screaming..
  • Reading: My journal again to keep grammar demons away.
  • Watching: Nadda
  • Playing: Cry of Fear
  • Eating: Nothin. Dinner's Done hours ago. :D
  • Drinking: Liquid pumpkin pie. Yuuuuuum


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